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We are a Sales and Marketing Firm dedicated to enhancing our clients’ revenue. Our team diligently focuses on bolstering brand awareness, solidifying market presence, and attracting more customers to our clients’ products and services.


Why Choose Us?

Innovative Solutions

We delivers cutting-edge technology and strategies, ensuring you stay ahead in sales and marketing with AI-driven automation and data analytics.

Customized Strategies

Tailoring plans to your unique goals and challenges, We provides personalized attention and support for comprehensive marketing campaigns and brand enhancement.

Proven Track Record

With a history of success across industries, businesses trust Vyrix for revenue growth, market presence, and customer attraction, ensuring tangible results and lasting partnerships.

Meet Our Team

our team is comprised of passionate and experienced professionals dedicated to driving success for our clients. With diverse expertise and a collaborative spirit, we work tirelessly to deliver innovative solutions and exceed expectations.

Dominique Andre - CEO

Dominique Andre

founder & CEO

Krisha Claids lazarro

Krisha Claids Lazarro

Social Media Manager & Brand specialist

Diyanarah Baulo - Web Designer of Vyrix Innovations, Inc.

Diyanarah Baulo

Senior WordPress developer

Jean Paulin Samano - Sales & Marketing Assistant

Jean Paulin Samano

sales & marketing assistant

Liza Akter - Graphic Designer

Liza Akter

senior graphic designer

Divina Maestro - Social Media Manager

Divine Galacio

social media manager

Rudith Alingasa - Virtual Assistant

Rudith Alingasa

Social Media Coordinator

Nathalie Ortillo - Sales & Marketing Assistant

Nathalie Ortillo

Sales & Marketing Assistant

Khadiza Akhter - Digital Marketer

Khadiza Akhter

Senior Social Media Strategist

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